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digital marketing campaigns take a bit of time to start driving results. Not our PPC campaigns. Using our local PPC services, you'll start getting more phone calls, bookings, leads, and purchases the day your campaigns go live. If a local business that serves 2 states or less, you can take advantage of our local PPC packages! PPC is a highly effective marketing channel, because you can get in front of the perfect customer at the exact moment they are looking to buy. Even better - if they don't click on your ad, you don't pay a penny! Join our long list of successful clients and start winning more business today.

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with targeted campaigns.

You don't care about clicks. The only thing that matters to you is the ROI of your marketing campaigns and your company's bottom line. That's why we focus on conversions, not clicks or impressions. Sales. Leads. Bookings. Our professionally managed campaigns will help drive more revenue into your business.

Expert Google Ads Management

Your campaigns will be managed by industry-leading experts! Not only do we have a reputation as one of the top digital marketing firms, our Quant Digital team is in a different league when it comes to campaign profitability. We pride ourselves on staying cutting-edge and sharpening the industry.

Full Ownership of the Account

When you work with Quant Digital, you own everything we create and are in complete control of your Google Ads account. We are confident that you will choose to stay with our AdWords management services because of the flood of new inquiries and business from our campaigns. But if you ever decide to leave, rest assured you can take all of our work with you.

Advanced Call Tracking & Analytics

We have partnered with industry giant CallRail to provide our clients with best-in-class call tracking & analytics. This allows your campaign strategists to track your calls and leads with pinpoint accuracy, and attribute those inquiries to the campaigns, advertisements, keywords, and impressions that drove them. Because when you know what's working, you can scale it up.

Watch your same-day results in real time.

Nothing is more exciting than same-day results. That's why we created our Client Dashboard, which lets you easily watch the flood of sales & inquiries in real-time.

The Quant Digital Client Dashboard is our PPC advertising company's elegant solution to the question: how do you know your marketing campaigns are driving value? Say goodbye to cluttered statistics that raise more quesitons than they answer, and say hello to a beautifully simple display that has everything you care about, all in one place. Watch your leads & sales pour in from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Everything you need to drive more conversions.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Our PPC campaigns have real people behind them, not just automated software. At the start of your project, you be given an expert Account Manager who will work with you closely to make your campaigns a success. Our PPC managers understand that real-world results are what really matter, so we will always keep you updated on how many sales, leads, bookings, and conversions your campaigns have generated. You will have access to an open line of communication to us at all times, while we constantly optimize and improve your PPC campaigns to increase your ROI.

  • Powerful Remarketing Ads

    Did you know that it's 4-7x cheaper to convert someone that has already visited your website? Don't waste good leads! Even if a visitor doesn't buy or convert on their first visit, that person is still much more valuable than a stranger who has never heard of your business. Don't let them slip away. Our powerful PPC remarketing systems track and target people who have visited your website, funneling them into extremely targeted ad groups to get them back onto your site. The ROI of remarketing is incredible, and we will help you take full advantage.

    All packages include a starter set of custom remarketing display ads. Additional sets are $249 each.

  • Hands-Off Installation

    Not a techie? No worries. We're huge nerds, with an obsession for profit. We will handle everything you need to get started, which includes installing your Google Ads tracking codes and conversion snippets onto your website (free of charge). This allows us to see which keywords are driving sales, tag visitors for our PPC remarketing campaigns, and optimize everything for maximum results. All you have to do is sit back and watch your revenue grow.

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Monthly Ad Spend: $400 - $3,499


per month plus ad spend


Monthly Ad Spend: $3,500 and up


per month plus ad spend

Restrictions apply for multiple domains.

Yes, our prices are a bit higher than some "churn and burn" providers.
In fact, we will happily give you the names of cheaper competitors.
Because we know when you work with us, you get results.

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Why Quant Digital?

are a top digital marketing agency that is hell-bent on driving results for our clients. We focus on conversions, not clicks. Profit. Sales. Revenue. The things that really matter to you. We help your marketing spend go further by hacking your customers' psychology and split-testing everything to skyrocket your conversion rates.

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